Comedy/Horror show at YYT on Friday the 13th (May) / 黑色星期五

by Nichols on May 3, 2011

douban event (includes in-depth description of performers)
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Zang Nan is hosting a night of Comedy and Horror at YYT (Kaixuan Lu / Yan’an Xi Lu) on Friday, May 13th. It features Rainbow Danger Club, Stegosaurus?, Ho-Tom, Song Dynasty, musical comedy from the Dudettes, stand-up comedy from Kungfu Komedy, and will also feature ANN. If you haven’t seen ANN yet, you are in for a treat. They play haunting post-rock using traditional rock instruments as well as flute, electric guzheng, and piano. Sounds like it could be cheesy, but it’s actually quite good (in my humble opinion).  It also doesn’t hurt that the band is comprised of 4 gorgeous Shanghainese ladies and one muscular drummer. Lucky dude!

Expect equal amounts of laughter and shock. If you dress up as your favorite Horror film character, we will buy you a beer you will have a better time! Its only 40RMB (the other show in town that night is 300RMB, and let’s be honest, this one will be local and way more fun). Plus you can enjoy the good spring nights’ weather in the park behind the best music venue in China.

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